Skin Of The Teeth 

 By Anna Beecher. 


THE LIST: "a spellbinding piece of work...fantastical unsettling as it is bewitching". 

FEST: "twists the grubby everyday into the uncanny...suffused with the dark timelessness of fairytales"

A YOUNGER THEATRE: "a powerful and rich piece of theatre"

FRINGE GURU: "intelligent and brave"


Nicholas wants to feel fear. People can smell that something is missing in him. After a violent accident he accepts the help of charming stranger, Mr Bacon, who takes him under his wing, out of his small seaside town and into an enchanting and perilous world.

FAT CONTENT bring their signature surrealism to writer Anna Beecher's searing reimagining of the Grimm's fairytale, The Boy Who Went Forth To Learn To Shudder, the story of a boy who can't feel fear. Staring 'talent to be reckoned with' (Onstage New York) Daniel Holme and directed by Rachel Lincoln. Skin Of The Teeth is a exploration of fear, what it does to communities and the manipulation of young men. 

Written by Anna Beecher; directed by Rachel Lincoln; performed by Daniel Holme; performed at the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh and Ophelia Theatre New York. 

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