in development: Don Juan a new version after Moliere

Don Juan Image.jpg

Conqueror. Lover. Master Manipulator. And a woman

No old men in ruffs. Just women, a few men, a punch bag and a banging sound system. This is the story of a life lived on the boundary between love and manipulation. Iconic libertine Don Juan gets sent to the fiery pits of hell but has a bloody blast along the way.

What it is to seduce and be seduced? A woman, the greatest romancer in history and not a victim. Made from adaptation, improvisation and real conversations, the show will feel like stepping into a party; the kind of party where you dance to your feet bleed, fall in lust and get a kebab after.

Performed by a cast of gender switching performers,  Don Juan is colourful, visually bold and physical. It explores the effects of 21st century love and the true meaning of sexual freedom.

Currently seeking commissioning partners and research and development opportunities.

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